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SmiLe’s DI Equality Challenge 365 comes with expert training by the Allbright Foundation

SmiLe, invites its member companies to participate in a series of workshops by the Allbright Foundation, that aim to educate and train on how to create equal and inclusive workplaces, as a means to business success. The initiative is part of SmiLe’s participation in the 'Dagens Industry Equality Challenge 365', through which SmiLe aims to increase the amount of female board members within its community. 

The business case for equality and inclusion grows stronger every year. Numerous studies and reports* over the years, have shown that gender diversity drives higher profitability and corporate performance, and that companies with higher diversity in leadership positions outperform their peers. Yet, full gender equality remains unreached, making the societal need to create motivation for change more imminent than ever.  

SmiLe, is a strong supporter of gender equality and is committed to promoting an inclusive workplace culture. Recognizing both the social and business-related benefits of diversity, we have worked actively the past five years, to increase gender equality. Today, almost 50% of our member companies’ CEOs are women. 

On International Women's Day, March 8th, we announced our participation in the year-long 'Dagens Industry Equality Challenge 365', taking the quest for gender equality to the next level. Our new goal is to increase the number of women in board positions, reaching a 50% ratio between men and women board members within our community.

To achieve this goal our member companies will receive coaching and support from the Allbright Foundation including three two-hour workshops targeting CEO’s, Founders and other management executives of SmiLe’s community. The workshops are incorporated in the SmiLe Business School, and cover the following topics:  

  1st Workshop: May 26th

  Meritocracy and Unconscious Bias

  More information: Link to webpage



  2nd Workshop: September 15th

  Master Suppression Techniques – Inclusive Workplace Cultures,   

  More information: Link to webpage

  3rd Workshop: October 27th

  Strategic work with diversity and inclusion

  More information: Link to webpage



Through Allbright’s expert training, we hope that our community workplace will become a paradigm of equality and inclusive culture, that will eventually lead in increasing the number of women in board positions.


*Studies & reports:


For more information, please contact: Ebba Fåhraeus, +46 (0)734 000 433, ebba@smileincubator.life


About Allbright

Allbright is a non-profit foundation that works to create a more gender equal and diverse business sector. By forming public opinion, we influence decision makers to work actively towards increasing the number of women in senior positions. We review the gender equality within management teams and boards of listed companies to highlight the issue of representation. We educate business leaders on how to create inclusive and non-discriminatory workplace cultures. Allbright aims to shift the discussion from problems to solutions.

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