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New Advisor with International Expertise Joins SmiLe's Coaching Team

Michael PalmMichael Palm, Senior Business and Financial Advisor at SmiLe

SmiLe is strengthening its team with additional expertise in global business operations and entrepreneurship, and we are delighted to welcome Michael Palm as a senior advisor. 

With over 30 years of international experience in leading positions within multinational chemical and paper companies in North America, Europe, and Asia, as well as serving as CEO and partner in several investment firms, Michael Palm brings significant experience and a broad network to SmiLe's companies. 

Michael Palm has also worked as an advisor to startups and has extensive experience in starting and developing businesses in Sweden and internationally. Recently, he has focused entirely on ESG- and cleantech-oriented companies, primarily within the sectors of recycling, renewable energy, and foodtech.

Michael Palm brings extensive expertise in strategic business development, negotiation, and capital management, with a special focus on issues related to ownership aspects in capital raising, growth, international market expansion, and other challenges that may arise in companies' startup phases.

"With Michael Palm joining our coaching team, SmiLe strengthens its position as a crucial catalyst for expansion, growth, and innovation within foodtech and sustainability. We look forward to collaborating with him to continue supporting our companies in achieving success," says Ulrika Ringdahl, Chief Operating Officer of SmiLe. 

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