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Young SmiLe entrepreneurs honored again

Alice Mattsson, Maximilian Ottosson, Frida McCabe, Linn Wrangmark and Fábio RosaAlice Mattsson, Maximilian Ottosson, Frida McCabe, Linn Wrangmark and Fábio Rosa

Alice Mattsson, who has participated in SmiLe’s Health2B program with the company Pharmista Technologies, has now been named by Venture Cup as having one of the year’s best business ideas in southern Sweden.
    In addition, Maximilian Ottosson, Linn Wrangmark and Frida McCabe, along with Fábio Rosa, all qualified for the Rapidus news bureau’s "34-list" of young talents in Skåne’s business community. They are the founders of the SmiLe companies Cellevate, Medow and Asgard Therapeutics, respectively.

Skåne’s business community in southern Sweden has a wealth of young talents, many of whom are receiving, or have received, support in their business development through the various programs at SmiLe Incubator.

Maximilian Ottosson, CEO and co-founder of Cellevate, took a strategic decision early on to participate in the battle against the coronavirus, and started a project in COVID-19 research in collaboration with Lund University. Cellevate has developed a nanotechnology for producing cell-like 3D materials for research, which offer the advantage of recreating similar conditions in lab experiments, comparable to what can be found in the body.

Linn Wrangmark and Frida McCabe have developed a product called the IV bracelet, a colorful bracelet that keeps intravenous tubes in place during treatment. In 2020 the product was purchased by five Swedish regions through their partner Baxter.

Fábio Rosa and two others from the same Portuguese research group moved to Lund where, together with LU Holding, they founded de Asgard Therapeutics, a company that is now a member of SmiLe. They are developing an immunotherapy-based cancer treatment. Fábio Rosa was also honored by Forbes this year as one of the 30 most promising young entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers in the Science and Healthcare segment in Europe.

Alice Mattsson took home the gold award in the annual Venture Cup IDEA competition. From a total of almost 500 participating business ideas and startup companies from all over Sweden, she qualified for the Venture Cup top 20 list. Alice, a former participant in Health2B, SmiLe’s program for very early startup companies, is developing a reusable pregnancy test.

“It is reassuring to know that successful life science companies are thriving thanks to so many talented young researchers and entrepreneurs in Skåne. Receiving the necessary support throughout the entire process is important for their innovations to reach the healthcare system where they can provide benefit. At SmiLe, we are proud to be part of their growth journey with our programs that support these companies in their various phases. We are incredibly impressed by the development of these companies,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator.


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