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Asgard Therapeutics Granted U.S. Patent for Dendritic Cell Reprogramming

Asgard’s team: Michele Tavecchio, Fritiof Åkerström, André Rosa (top row, left to right), Filipe Pereira, Cristiana Pires and Fábio Rosa (bottom row, left to right).Asgard’s team: Michele Tavecchio, Fritiof Åkerström, André Rosa (top row, left to right), Filipe Pereira, Cristiana Pires and Fábio Rosa (bottom row, left to right).


Lund, Sweden – 01 June Asgard Therapeutics AB (“Asgard”) today announces that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Asgard’s foundational patent related to the method of reprogramming cells towards the dendritic cell fate. The patent provides protection and market exclusivity of products based in the cell reprogramming method until 2038, such as Asgard’s innovative cancer immunotherapies. The patent was granted on 31/05/2022 under patent number US 11,345,891.


Asgard is a private biotech company based in Lund, Sweden pioneering in vivo cell reprogramming approaches to reinstate anti-cancer immunity. This patent covers combinations of transcription factors that are able to induce cell fate conversion of unrelated cells towards type 1 conventional dendritic cells. The reprogramming method is the basis of Asgard’s lead program, TrojanDC. TrojanDC is an in vivo gene therapy product that delivers reprogramming factors to convert cancer cells into immunogenic dendritic cells, allowing the presentation of their own antigens and inducing potent anti-cancer immune responses.


Corresponding applications are pending in several relevant territories, including the European Patent Office (EPO), China, Japan, and India. In addition, Asgard has other pending patent applications, which protect other aspects of the Company’s technology.


“We are very pleased with the grant of our first patent. It’s a great milestone on Asgard’s pathway to solidify our IP protection. We have an active IP strategy and work continuously to ensure a comprehensive protection in major markets world-wide as well as pipeline programs based on cell reprogramming”, Cristiana Pires, CEO and co-founder of Asgard Therapeutics concludes




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About Asgard Therapeutics

Asgard Therapeutics is a private biotech company, member of the SmiLe incubator in Lund, exploring direct cell reprogramming technologies for cancer immunotherapies. Formed as a spin-off from Lund University, the Company is pioneering an in vivo gene therapy approach based on its proprietary TrojanDC technology, designed to set in motion immune responses based on the biological properties of professional antigen presenting cells. Backed by Novo Holdings, Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund and Industrifonden, Asgard aims to build a pipeline of personalized cancer immunotherapies optimized to each unique patient. For more information, please visit: http://asgardthx.com/

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