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Bionamic and university team won FDA competition



Lund company Bionamic and researchers from Lund University shared first place with another team in a challenge arranged by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Their AI-based computer model achieved 100 percent success in detecting and correcting mislabeled analysis results from tumor biopsies in a complex dataset. The prize is, partly, to publish an article about the work in the science paper Nature Medicine.


Bionamic, in collaboration with four researchers in theoretical physics at Lund University, developed a winning model that corrected every error without introducing any new errors. About 30 teams from other companies and highly ranked universities participated, with a total of 100 entries in the challenge. A team from Wright State University shared first place.


The FDA and the NCI have noted that sample mislabeling and data mislabeling are major problems that are often overlooked and which can have very serious consequences. Such errors are difficult to find and therefore complicated to correct. Currently, there is no good solution to deal with the problem.


The FDA and the NCI organized the competition to obtain help from the sharpest companies and most talented research groups to find methods to address this issue.


“Our group has a unique combination of knowledge in cancer research and artificial intelligence, and the ability to optimally integrate and apply this knowledge. One reason for entering the challenge was that it’s exciting for us to compare ourselves with the very best in the field. The next step will be helping to implement our model at the NCI. The model will be described in detail in an upcoming publication in Nature Medicine, and at a conference in Washington D.C. in May,” says Anders Carlsson, founder and CEO of Bionamic.


Other team members were Patrik Edén, Björn Linse, Mattias Ohlsson and Carsten Peterson from Theoretical Physics, Lund University.



About the challenge: The “NCI-CPTAC Multi-omics Enabled Sample Mislabeling Correction Challenge” was organized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The challenge is part of President Barack Obama’s “Precision Medicine Initiative” from 2015.


About Bionamic: Bionamic specializes in developing digital tools to analyze, integrate and interpret life science data


For more information: Anders Carlsson, CEO of Bionamic; phone +46 (0)702 26 33 06; email anders@bionamic.se

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