2017-06-01 09:19Press release

Demo Day: meet the companies in the e-health accelerator Health2B

Welcome to Demo Day on Thursday, June 1, showcasing the companies in the third session of this international e-health accelerator Health2b in Lund. For three intensive months, these entrepreneurs have fine-tuned their business concepts and further developed their products with the help of experienced mentors and advisors.

Startup companies from all over the world applied to the accelerator program, but only the top four were admitted. All four companies have growth potential and are expected to be successful with their connected services and products for more efficient healthcare and healthier lives.

The current companies include Medow, a Swedish company that develops innovative healthcare products with a focus on functionality and comfort, as well as on design and color. Earlier this year Medow received the “Future Innovations” award from Lund University and the Sparbank Foundation in the category “student who wants to promote and encourage application of knowledge at the university.” In 2016, they also received a prize from the SKAPA Foundation in the “Innovator of the Future” category and a grant from the Sten K Johnson Foundation. 

The last Demo Day session attracted about 150 investors, business leaders and other stakeholders.

The Health2B accelerator program is an initiative backed by SmiLe Incubator, Lean Forward and Business Incubation 2020.


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