2020-11-10 13:08Press release

Founder of Xinnate receives prestigious Swedish Research Council grant

CEO Helene Hartman and Professor Artur SchmidtchenCEO Helene Hartman and Professor Artur Schmidtchen

Professor Artur Schmidtchen has received 9.5 MSEK in funding from the Swedish Research Council – the largest grant of all applicants in the field of medicine and the highest possible rating in all assessment categories. The money will go to in-depth basic research on mechanisms related to wound healing. The discoveries are being commercialized by the startup company Xinnate, of which he is a co-founder.

Xinnate is a company based on highly stable scientific grounds, established by Professor Artur Schmidtchen and his team at Lund University, which through years of research has accumulated an extensive understanding of the mechanisms underlying wound healing, based on which they created the BioC platform.  BioC is part of the body’s natural defense against infections and has been shown to be both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial; it has even been shown to have an effect on multi-resistant bacteria.

Articles published in journals such as Nature Communications and Science Translational Medicine are evidence of world-class research in terms of both innovation and quality.

Yet another important acknowledgement came when the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) announced its prestigious grants and Professor Schmidtchen received the highest project grant among medical researchers in Sweden. He received the highest possible rating in all five assessment categories with a research program that will further increase understanding of these fascinating natural mechanisms.

“Life-threatening complications from wounds are a major and growing global problem. Xinnate is developing new types of effective wound healing therapies based on BioC and is currently preparing for the first clinical trials. We are pleased and grateful for the results of the assessment since credible and solid science is essential for life science companies like ours,” says Helene Hartman, CEO of Xinnate.

“It is crucial for trailblazing research like this to reach patients since we know that we can no longer rely on antibiotics. The grant will make it possible to conduct research that will strengthen the development of both current and future therapies,” says Professor Artur Schmidtchen, co-founder of Xinnate. 


 Xinnate is a member company of SmiLe Incubator, a business incubator for life science companies located in Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden.


For more information, please contact: Helene Hartman, CEO of Xinnate, +46 (0)725-120312,

About Xinnate: Xinnate focuses on developing pharmaceutical concepts for external applications in skin and wound care, surgery and biomaterials. The company develops products based on one of our natural defense mechanisms that has been shown to have a unique and sustainable anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect regardless of multi-resistance.  Xinnate is a member of SmiLe Incubator, a business incubator located in Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden, and is a subsidiary of in2cure. www.Xinnate.com

About the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet): The Swedish Research Council is Sweden’s largest governmental research funding body, and supports research of the highest quality within all scientific fields. Every year, the Council allocates almost SEK 7 billion to support Swedish research

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