2018-05-24 18:27Press release

Gedea Biotech received SEK 1 million for clinical study for CE marking

The SmiLe company Gedea Biotech just received a Vinnova grant of SEK 1 million from the Swelife and Medtech4Health joint call for proposals for the “Project for better health.” The funds will be used to conduct the first clinical study on patients with vaginal fungal infections.  

Gedea Biotech is developing a new treatment method for vaginal fungal infections based on an innovation at Lund University. The treatment has benefits that many others currently on the market do not offer: it is antibiotic-free, the active substance is naturally occurring, and it attacks the infection in a new way that could help minimize the number of recurrences.

The company also received a grant of SEK 1 million from Vinnova last November in the call for proposals for “Innovative startups.”

“The previous Vinnova funding was used to develop the formulation of the vaginal tablet and this project will soon be concluded. The funding we received now will be used to conduct the first clinical study on patients with vaginal fungal infections, in collaboration with Region Skåne and the Clinical Trial Unit. We will also conduct focus groups to chart the patient journey. The results from the clinical study will serve as the basis for CE marking of the product,” says Annette Säfholm, CEO of Gedea Biotech.

Gedea Biotech is based in SmiLe Incubator in Lund, Swseden, a business incubator that offers life science entrepreneurs business advice and access to well-equipped laboratories. www.smileincubator.life

About Gedea Biotech:
 Gedea Biotech is developing a new treatment method for vaginal infections. Vaginal infections can be caused by both bacteria and fungi and Gedea’s treatment is expected to be highly efficacious for treating both conditions. The substance GDA 001 is a natural product that has always been present in our environment. The product works through a new mode of action that inhibits the development of biofilm and lowers the pH, thereby preventing the fungi and bacteria from becoming established in and infecting the vaginal mucous membrane. In the fall of 2018 the first clinical study will be conducted using GDA001 in patients with vaginal fungal infections.

Over the past year the company won the Venture Cup prize and was awarded Vinnova grants for Innovative startups.

For information about Gedea Biotech please contact:
Annette Säfholm, CEO
Telephone: +46 (0)73 4000433

Language: English

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