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Gedea Biotech receives Vinnova grant



Gedea has been awarded SEK 3 million in the call for proposals from SWELIFE and Medtech4Health for Collaboration for better health 2019. Gedea applied for the grant to verify the efficacy of pHyph in a large placebo-controlled clinical study that is being conducted in collaboration with Region Skåne in preparation for a market launch in Europe. Gedea Biotech is a member of SmiLe Incubator at Medicon Village in Lund.


Gedea Biotech is developing pHyph, an antibiotic-free treatment for vaginal fungal infections. Vaginal infections are caused by fungus, bacteria, or both, and it is difficult for patients to make the correct diagnosis because the symptoms are similar. pHyph will effectively treat both types of infection, which will make it easier for millions of women to quickly get the right treatment.


The ongoing clinical trials for bacterial vaginosis and vaginal fungal infections will soon be concluded and the results are expected after the summer.


“The Vinnova grant will enable us to follow up on the proof-of-concept studies with a larger, placebo-controlled study,” says Annette Säfholm, CEO of Gedea.


Vaginal infections can be painful, itchy and even produce an odor. It is extremely uncomfortable for those who are afflicted and there is a large demand for an effective treatment without antibiotics.


For more information, please contact: Annette Säfholm, CEO of Gedea Biotech, +46 (0)708-918681

About pHyph and Gedea Biotech

Every year, at least 400 million women all over the world suffer from vaginal infections and the market is worth at least USD 1.5 billion. In all, 67% of women with a gynecological infection choose the wrong over-the-counter treatment because it can be difficult to know whether the condition is fungal or bacterial in origin. pHyph will be the only treatment on the market that effectively addresses both causes of infection and reduces the risk of choosing the wrong treatment, at the same time that it is free of antibiotics. Gedea Biotech was founded in 2015 in Lund and is based on many years of research at Lund University. http://www.gedeabiotech.se/


About Swelife – for a competitive life science system in Sweden

Swelife supports collaboration within academia, industry and healthcare, with the goal of strengthening the life sciences in Sweden and improving public health. It is a strategic innovation program, funded by the Swedish Government via the Swedish innovation agency, Vinnova, and by the program’s partners. www.swelife.se


About Medtech4Health

Medtech4Health is a Swedish national Vinnova-funded strategic innovation program that was founded in 2016. Medtech4Health gathers the Swedish medtech industry, regions and county councils, patient organizations and research institutions, as well as colleges and universities, to create an innovation system for medical technology. With a focus on the patient, Medtech4Health supports initiatives and projects in business, health care and academia. www.medtech4health.se

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