2018-06-15 18:09Press release

Gedea heads for Almedalen as a finalist in the Serendipity Challenge

SmiLe company Gedea Biotech is a finalist in the Serendipity Challenge, an entrepreneurship competition for the foremost startup and growth companies in the Nordic region. The competition final, in which 50 companies compete for prizes such as the “Startup Company of the Year,” takes place in Almedalen.

The Serendipity Challenge is an annual entrepreneurship competition and tech venue open to all Swedish and Nordic entrepreneurially-managed companies in the startup and growth phase, regardless of industry.

The competition is being held for the fifth consecutive year and is aimed at entrepreneurially managed companies that build on a unique innovation or business concept with potential for commercialization on the global market. An expert jury evaluated the companies, placing a major focus on scalability and the presence of well-defined growth opportunities.

The competition final will be held during Almedalsveckan, where 50 of the most innovative and promising companies compete for titles such as “Startup Company of the Year” and “Growth Company of the Year.” The three-day grand finale, with seminars, exhibitions, business meetings and social events, will be held from Monday, July 2, to Wednesday, July 4.

Gedea Biotech is competing in the classes “Audience Prize,” “Industry Prize" and “Nordea Partner Prize.”

The purpose of the competition is to recognize entrepreneurship and to provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments in the national arena. The competition also aims to highlight Sweden as a hotbed for innovative, promising companies that change, improve, and develop their respective industries on a global level, as well as to function as a networking opportunity for entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, politicians, and partners

Gedea Biotech is a company at SmiLe Incubator, a life science business incubator that helps entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas by offering business advisory services, well-equipped laboratories and a strong network.


About Gedea Biotech: Gedea Biotech is developing a new treatment method for vaginal infections. Vaginal infections can be caused by both bacteria and fungi and Gedea’s treatment is expected to be highly efficacious for treating both conditions. The substance GDA 001 is a natural product that has always been present in our environment. The product works through a new mode of action that inhibits the development of biofilm and lowers the pH, thereby preventing the fungi and bacteria from becoming established in and infecting the vaginal mucous membrane. In the fall of 2018 the first clinical study will be conducted using GDA001 in patients with vaginal fungal infections.

For information about Gedea Biotech please contact:

Annette Säfholm, CEO

Telephone: +46 (0)73 4000433

Email: annette.safholm@gedeabiotech.com

About Serendipity Innovations: Serendipity Innovations arranges the Serendipity Challenge in collaboration with a number of partner companies. It was founded in 2004 by Saeid Esmaeilzadeh and Ashkan Pouya. These childhood friends arrived in Sweden as refugees from Iran in the 1980s and after completion of their studies, they put them to excellent use to become highly successful businessmen.

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