2017-02-19 10:30Press release

Health2B companies graduated and met investor contacts

Participants in the fourth session of the Health2B healthtech accelerator presented their companies at Tuesday’s Demo Day. The audience consisted of about one hundred investors and colleagues in a fully packed room at SmiLe Incubator.

“The entrepreneurs in this group are extremely market-focused and have exciting products. I predict that many of the companies will have external funding from investors who were here on Demo Day,” says Stefan Mossberg from SmiLe, head of Health2B-accelerator.

At Demo Day companies walked down the catwalk through the crowd and pitched their business ideas. Nick Hawtin, business developer and pitch trainer, was moderator. Each company was quickly assessed by SmiLe’s expert panel, consisting of:

  • Annette Melander Berg from the investor network Connect Sverige Region Syd,
  • Johan Olsén, head of innovation at Almi Invest,
  • Sarah Fredriksson, CEO of PULS Invest, and
  • Thomas Unt, business developer in financing at SmiLe Incubator.

The panel gave instant feedback on what they thought about the business potential of the companies and gave each company their best on-the-spot suggestions for networking contacts.

“Being involved and ‘kick starting’ the development of these companies, and providing them with the best prospects to succeed with their business ideas after their time in the accelerator, is a fabulous experience,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of Smile Incubator, who arranges the accelerator.

The companies have made tremendous progress during their time in the accelerator and will distinguish themselves in the business community. Watch for

  • Active Mama, which is an attractive and comfortable abdominal belt combined with an app and a pain relief device for pain in pregnant women.
  • Poow which developed a fun app that encourages children with eating disorders to eat, which helps them feel better.
  • Bröstkoll which is an app for support in breast problems that are not cancer-related.
  • Medotemic with its system to analyze and treat abnormal gait patterns as an aid in walking rehabilitation.
  • Open Log which has smart systems for logging critical parameters from equipment in laboratories and hospitals,
  • Mamio which has an AI solution that monitors medicine intake.
  • WirelessHealth which has a portable ECG solution with clinically practical and advanced cloud analysis.

Comments from some of the seven companies that participated in the fourth session of Health2B: “we gained two new customer contacts”; “fabulous how the Health2B coaches instantly shared their network so that we could make progress”; “the accelerator has been an incredible help”. 

Health2B is a project within Business Incubation 2020.

For more information aboutHealth2B: http://www.health2b.life/batch-fall-2018/



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