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Health2B companies will meet investors February 13

With one month left of Health2B, the global three-month accelerator held by Smile Incubator in Lund for the fourth time, seven entrepreneurs will soon reach the finish line.
   The companies will present their innovative solutions within eHealth and medtech to investors, industry representatives and other stakeholders at the Demo Day event to be held on February 13.

Health2B provides young companies with access to a wide network of experts and an environment, the SmiLe community, with companies in the same and related industries. The entrepreneurs get to work on their own products, while attending lectures, participating in sales training and learning about quality procedures. The idea is for the companies to develop in a way that will attract investors and customers. The methodology is based on continuous feedback from stakeholders with subsequent modifications to business plans and products.

Please see below to register for Demo Day on February 13. Henrik Ahlén, one of Sweden’s foremost strategists in eHealth, will present a lecture.

Open Logger – one of the current Health2B companies – has a cloud-based service that continually saves data from, for example, critical sensors in refrigerators and freezers, or particle and gas indicators. The company has now made a major advance in the development of its service.

“So far we’ve offered logging and storage of data. Now we can add value for our customers. We will process the collected data so that customers can discover previously unknown associations to improve the quality of their research and logging. By participating in Health2B we received financial and practical assistance in placing our loggers in SmiLe’s laboratory to test our new service,” says Tomas Hoflund, one of the founders.

He appreciates the creative environment at SmiLe and has expanded his network by participating in the SmiLe community.

Active Mama – which also participates in Health2B – has developed a well-fitting belt that actively reduces pain in pregnant women who experience pelvic discomfort.

“Even though my product was not ready when I came here, I have made such progress that I’ve now produced a test version of the belt and have charted a plan for the steps I will take to scale up, launch the product in Europe and further improve it by developing an app,” says founder Gertrud Blomstrand.

She has been surprised by and pleased to find all the available help in areas such as CE marking and marketing.

All companies in Health2B’s fourth session are listed here, and more information is available at http://www.health2b.life/batch-fall-2018/:

  • Active Mama - Active and pain-free using the Active Mama pelvic belt.
  • M-Vitae - Feel confident through guided management of non-cancerous breast issues.
  • Mamio - Artificial intelligence-based solution that assists in monitoring the medicine intake.
  • Medotemic - System for objective gait deviation analysis and treatment.
  • Open Logger – Intelligent IoT systems for critical equipment at laboratories and hospitals.
  • Poow - A superhero who helps children with eating disorders to eat.
  • Wireless Health - Portable ECG solution with clinically practical and advanced cloud analysis.


Register for Health2B Demo Day

When:  February 13, 2018, 4:00-7:30 p.m.
Where:   SmiLe Incubator, Medicon Village, Scheelevägen 2, Lund. The event will be held in The coffee break room (fikarummet) on the second floor.
Lecturer:         Henrik Ahlén (eHealth strategist) will speak about "The Digital Transformation of Health Care." He will explain how and why everyone in health care should think differently and apply smart new technology in order to survive and flourish.  
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