2018-02-15 12:39Press release

ImmuneBiotech: successful financing and strengthened management team

ImmuneBiotech AB, a microbiome company developing probiotics for therapeutic effect, is pleased to announce a 2.5 million SEK investment by business angles including Hampus Jakobsson, a well-known serial entrepreneur in the IT sector. The company has also recruited Gregory Batcheller as Chairman of the Board and strategic advisor, he is a well-recognized life-science professional bringing a strong track record as executive decision maker, commercial lawyer and investor expert in business strategy and finance.

The investment will be used to advance its lead product GutMagnificTM, a new scientifically designed probiotic food supplement for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) one of the most common gut conditions affecting 15 % of the population.

“This successful and fully subscribed seed investment confirms my belief in ImmuneBiotech as one of the most promising biotech companies in the new and hot area of microbiome therapy. The company’s deep expertise in generating scientifically-based new probiotics for therapeutic effects I believe will have huge potential” said ImmuneBiotech's strategic advisor and Chairman Gregory Batcheller.

The investors are Aktiebolaget Hans Ols bröd, Toutatis AB, Aktiebolaget Johnsson & Co Företagarrådgivning AB, Eva Nordberg Karlsson, Gregory Batcheller, Global Intelligence AB and Hampus Jakobsson. Hampus Jakobsson is a well-known serial entrepreneur and investor in the IT sector and ImmuneBiotech is one of his first biotech investment.

“I’m excited to get onboard with the ImmuneBiotech team as I believe their work in the microbiome space has the potential to change the lives of many who suffer from gut problems and even further than that. The microbiome is an area of much research and I think we will see many more fields that it affects us.” said Hampus Jakobsson.

“I’m extremely pleased to have the confidence and financial support of this experienced investor team. Now we will have full focus on bringing the fruits of our 15 years of research experience in immunology and the microbiome into products on the market, starting with GutMagnificTM which will be launched as a food supplement already by 2019”, said Shahram Lavasani, CEO of ImmuneBiotech.

ImmuneBiotech is a company in the SmiLe incubator, an incubator that helps life science entrepreneurs with business coaching and laboratory accessibility. www.smileincubator.life 


About GutMagnificTM

GutMagnificTM is scientifically designed to address the underlying causes of IBS using similar pharmacological methods as are used in pharmaceutical drug development, to correct microbial imbalance (dysbiosis), reduce gut permeability, and reduce intestinal/distal inflammation. It is a patent pending combination of five proprietary lactobacillus strains and will be sold as a food supplement supported by clinical data. GutMagnificTM has potential application in several severe and prevalent conditions in addition to IBS, such as diarrhea, antibiotic induced diarrhea, Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). Is has also the ability to target symptoms such as leaky gut and small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

About ImmuneBiotech AB

ImmuneBiotech discovers and develops novel probiotics for therapeutic effect based on lactic acid bacteria and symbiotic formulations targeting the gut microbiota and the immune system. We deliver transformational solutions to modulate the microbiome, heal leaky gut and reduce inflammation to prevent and treat autoimmune and other chronic inflammatory conditions. ImmuneBiotech is a company in the SmiLe incubator that supports life science entrepreneurs. www.smileincubator.life

About Gregory Batcheller LL.M, J.D., B.Sc. (Econ)

Greg is a well-recognized life science professional bringing a strong track record from his positions as Chairman of the Boards of Xintela AB, Monocl AB, and SAGA Diagnostics AB, and director of Business Research Life Sciences Ltd.  He is a Partner at P.U.L.S. (Partners for development investments in life sciences) and was Chair of NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB.  As a serial entrepreneur, Greg has founded, managed and exited several life sciences companies. In addition to working with companies like ImmuneBiotech, Greg also focuses on bridging technology collaboration between Chinese entrepreneurs, researchers, companies and investors and their counterparts in Europe and North America.

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