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ImmuneBiotech wins Medicon Village Entrepreneur Slam 2018

ImmuneBiotech AB, a microbiota company that develops and markets probiotic dietary supplements based on extensive research, won the Medicon Village Entrepreneur Slam 2018 last week in Lund.


The final was settled in razor-sharp competition with the other finalists: Ulrika Axelsson (PainDrainer), Åke Nilsson (Saga Diagnostics) and Maximilian Ottosson (Cellevate). ImmuneBiotech, whose operations were presented in a pitch by Sharhram Lavasani, CEO and founder of the company, walked away with the victory after receiving the highest score from both the audience and the jury. In three minutes Shahram Lavasani shared how the company developed its first product GutMagnificTM, a scientifically formulated super cocktail of beneficial bacteria to treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a difficult condition that affects 10-15 percent of the population. The product will be launched on the market as a probiotic dietary supplement next year.


ImmuneBiotech accepted the trophy from last year’s winner, Anki Mamborg Hager (SenzaGen), along with a gift certificate for SEK 5000 to be used for helpful advice from Executive Foundation Lund (EFL).


ImmuneBiotech is an alumni company of SmiLe Incubator, a business incubator in the life sciences that offers business consulting, well-equipped laboratories and a community.


Video recorded interview with Shahram Lavasani on YouTube


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For information about ImmuneBiotech, please contact:  Sharhram Lavasani, CEO, phone +46 (0)707408661

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