2018-05-29 18:17Press release

ImmuneBiotech’s scientifically designed probiotic product closer to the market through financial support by Vinnova

ImmuneBiotech AB, a microbiome company developing probiotics for therapeutic effect has received a grant from Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova for industrial process development of its first product GutMagnificTM.

GutMagnificTM is a super-consortium of 5 lactobacill strains scientifically designed to address the underlying key causes of IBS. GutMagnificTM will be launched in 2019 as a probiotic food supplement. IBS is the most common functional gastrointestinal disorder, occurring in up to 15% of the population, in Sweden 1 000 000 people are affected.

Vinnova granted ImmuneBiotech funding in its call for innovation projects in companies based on the assessment that:

  • The project is based on an innovation with great potential and the projections for future sales and growth potential are credible.
  • The project plan is clear and elaborated, and describes a focused project with high feasibility.
  • The company's resources in terms of past experiences, skills and equipment provide good prospects for achieving the goals.


ImmuneBiotech is a company in the SmiLe incubator, an incubator that helps life science entrepreneurs with business coaching and laboratory accessibility. 

For more information about ImmuneBiotech: Shahram Lavasani, CEO, +46 707408661, s.lavasani@immunebiotech.com

ImmuneBiotech AB, www.immunebiotech.com

About ImmuneBiotech AB: 
ImmuneBiotech discovers and develops novel probiotics for therapeutic effect based on lactic acid bacteria and symbiotic formulations targeting the gut microbiota and the immune system. We deliver transformational solutions to modulate the microbiome, heal leaky gut and reduce inflammation to prevent and treat autoimmune and other chronic inflammatory conditions. ImmuneBiotech is a company in the SmiLe incubator that supports life science entrepreneurs. 

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