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Incubator companies pitch for Connect’s business angels

On Friday November 17 an investor meeting was held at SmiLe Incubator where some of southern Sweden’s most interesting life science companies pitched their business plans for about 60 people – almost half of whom were investors. The companies are searching for funding and had honed their presentation skills in October prior to the meeting.

The pitch training and investor meeting were carried out by the business angel network Connect Sverige Region Syd in collaboration with Smile Incubator, Medeon Science Park & Incubator and Invest in Skåne within the framework of the “Southern Sweden Going Global” project.

The aim is to provide a venue where life science companies seeking capital can come into contact with investors in order to initiate a dialogue and ultimately raise external capital.

“We would like to see the dialogues result in investments in all of the companies, which is our definition of success since our mission is to help create growth by linking entrepreneurs with expertise and capital from the business community. We want investors to become aware of the many outstanding life science companies in our region,” says Annette Melander Berg, Growth Capital coordinator for Connect Sverige Region Syd.

Of the 16 companies that completed the training program, the ten that were considered mature enough to raise capital and meet investors were selected to present their business plans, timetables and financing needs.

“Clearly there is a substantial increase in interest in early life science companies. We feel it is extremely positive that we can provide this opportunity to companies in collaboration with other participants in a setting where everyone contributes their cutting-edge expertise, rather than doing everything themselves,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator and Chair of Connect Sverige Region Syd.

Companies that presented their business plans:

Akuru Pharma – develops new diagnostic methods and future therapies for patients with kidney cancer.

Cellevate – develops next-generation cell culture systems for development of new drugs, and produces highly porous och consistent nanofibers through a patented manufacturing process. The fibers also have great potential for use in other industries.

Finn Medicinen – develops a digital assistant that helps patients take their medicine safely and accurately at home.

Gedea Biotech – develops a new type of antibiotic and safe treatment of vaginal fungal infections to effectively cure the condition.

ImmuneBiotech – uses the company’s knowledge bank within microbiome research and develops new treatments consisting of probiotic, immunobiotic and synbiotic formulations of a number of specifically chosen bacteria.

Innovosens – develops a new sensor that can read several parameters in the same unit and that provides diabetics with personalized diabetes management through connected health.

Medow – develops work-saving and rewarding healthcare products with innovative solutions to ordinary problems. The first product is an IV bracelet that safely, securely and comfortably holds intravenous tubes in place.

OncoSignature – develops and provides solutions for personalized cancer treatment by identifying biomarker signatures in patients that can be used to select the right patient for the right medicine.

Pila Pharma – develops a completely new type of diabetes medication that has a new mode of action and can easily be taken as a tablet.

Speximo – offers an ingredient that entails a completely new approach to producing sustainable products and provides pleasant sensory effects, protection and release functions.



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About SmiLe Venture Hub – Pioneering Life Science Innovations

SmiLe is a business incubator within life science based in Medicon Village in Lund. SmiLe helps entrepreneurs and startup companies to develop and commercialize new ideas. Our main task is to help the management teams of these companies to navigate the complexities of business development, financing, recruitment and risk management. There are currently around 20 companies in SmiLe, which together with alumni have attracted more than 175 MEUR in venture capital to date since2014. Approximately 100 people, representing 20 nationalities, and almost 50 percent of whom are women, work at SmiLe incubator. SmiLe is also a community consisting of experts, business advisors, incubator companies as well as alumni companies, which when combined provide a unique opportunity for Life Science Industry startups to benefit from their extensive collective experience. The opportunity also includes an acccelerator for early startups, Health2B, and an infrastructure that is unique of its kind in Sweden, with well-equipped laboratories and advanced instrumentation. SmiLe has its major financing from Lunds university, Lund Municipality, Region Skåne och Medicon Village.