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Key2Compliance is a new Gold Sponsor for SmiLe

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Lund, Sweden – We are proud to announce our latest sponsorship collaboration with Key2Compliance, a renowned consulting and training firm offering comprehensive services in the field of medtech, along with extensive expertise in invitro diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.

As part of SmiLe's strategy to provide a wide range of services for its member companies, the sponsorship program is a key cornerstone for easily providing access to experts locally in Lund.

Through the cooperation with Key2Compliance, companies in SmiLe's community will gain access to high-quality expertise throughout the entire process from product development to market approval. Key2Compliance offers guidance and consulting in areas like quality assurance, regulatory affairs, CE marking, toxicology/biocompatibility, FDA registrations, and evaluation of clinical studies, as well as offering popular training sessions in these subjects.

Starting this summer, SmiLe's member companies will also have access to test laboratories for medical technology products and a central laboratory tailored for clinical studies, through Key2Compliance.

"For us, this partnership is a perfect match with our commitment to help small businesses grow and succeed. We are thrilled to now be part of SmiLe's community, and we look forward to actively contributing to its continued success. SmiLe´s management is doing a fantastic job. SmiLe has supported over 100 startups so far, and this sponsorship is an expression of our shared goal to promote growth within the life science sector," says Jan Hellqvist, CEO of Key2Compliance.

"We are excited to welcome Key2Compliance as a new Gold Sponsor for SmiLe and look forward to a close collaboration. Their extensive expertise in medtech, invitro diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals will be an invaluable asset for our member companies in product development. Additionally, their experience will be a crucial resource for SmiLe's coaches in supporting companies on the road to commercialization and success," says Ulrika Ringdahl, COO of SmiLe.

Key2Compliance has offices at Medicon Village in Lund, as well as in Gothenburg and Copenhagen, with its headquarters located in Stockholm.

For more information, please contact:
 Ulrika Ringdahl, COO of SmiLe, +46 (0) 736 566 232, ulrika.ringdahl@smileincubator.life

Key2Compliance: Key2Compliance has offices at Medicon Village in Lund, as well as in Gothenburg and Copenhagen, with its headquarters located in Stockholm. Key2Compliance.com

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