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Large steps forward for start-ups from Health2B e-health accelerator

“First European customers”, “first trials with patients”, “new business network” and collaboration between start-ups. These are examples of successes the companies experienced during the time in the e-health accelerator. On Demo Day June 1st in Lund, Sweden, the companies were pitching their sharpened business plans in front of investors and others.

The third round of the e-health accelerator Health2B has come to its end. Three months of intense coaching by experts in business development and e-health regulations has taken the companies closer to a market introduction.

One of the participants, CEO and co-founder Nitin Gandhi, joined the accelerator with his Indian company ShapeCrunch. He wanted to get ready for a European launch and adapt his product to western standards and western customers´ requirements. Since a couple of years, his company produces and sells 3D printed and customized orthopedic insoles in India. The design is achieved by means of three photos, an app in the mobile phone and developed software. During the time in the accelerator, he has further developed his product based on Swedish doctors´ feedback and a collaboration at Lund university.

"I am very pleased with the accelerator program. The design of the insoles has been improved considerably, I have got my first customer here, and want to stay in the region and introduce the product at the market and later expand to markets beyond Sweden", says Nitin Gandhi.

The Health2B accelerator program is an initiative backed by SmiLe Incubator, Lean Forward and Business Incubation 2020.

(photos from the evening will be avaliable later at our press room)


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