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Medilevel advances its digital systems for precise medication dosing

Patrik Borneson, CEO of MedilevelPatrik Borneson, CEO of Medilevel

The new SmiLe company Medilevel’s digital communication system, HIPR, for patients with ADHD, is making a big impression on healthcare providers and users alike. The company’s second product, SENO, for patients with depression, is undergoing clinical trials. Both systems make it much easier and safer to adjust new medicines for patients than current methods. As a member of SmiLe’s incubator program, the company will develop and prepare for international expansion.

Medilevel’s digital systems facilitates continuous contact between patient and healthcare provider, while improving documentation and patient safety. Under the current system, where patients keep paper-based records between appointments, there is a risk that they will forget to bring their records along to the next visit.

The idea for the digital tool emerged when a young patient asked “isn’t there an app for this? That would make things so much easier.” Her healthcare coordinator, Måns Lööf, who wanted to revamp the healthcare procedures used for administering medication, contacted Medilevel’s founder Patrik Borneson. Together they developed the award-winning HIPR, which was subsequently followed by SENO.

The company’s systems offer an array of tools to aid patients and healthcare providers.  Patients communicate with healthcare providers via an app in which they enter how they feel and any side effects, as well as measurements such as blood pressure. Healthcare providers obtain a complete picture of the patient via an online tool which, in addition to maintaining contact, makes it easier to prioritize those patients who require support or changes in medications. Medilevel’s customers – which include regions and private care providers – report major advantages associated with the systems.

Medilevel recently signed contracts with two new customers. Region Sörmland signed an agreement for HIPR, and Region Blekinge signed a contract to carry out a trial period using HIPR for their patients.

Medilevel now plans to expand its services within the Swedish market and to take the next step to market the products internationally, which motivated the company to apply for admission to SmiLe’s incubator program.

“Our customers have confirmed that there is a need and a market for our products, and it is relatively easy for us to adapt these products for other care sectors. Our current goal is to strengthen our position in the Swedish market and to expand internationally. This is where we need help – to gear up our business development and prepare for raising capital. Now, as we gain access to SmiLe’s professional network and coaches, we will be able to accelerate our development,” says Patrik Borneson, CEO of Medilevel.

“Medilevel’s smart digital product improves treatment and safety for patients with mental health issues. The opportunity to improve and streamline treatments in this field is extremely important since it accounts for a large proportion of the healthcare burden. New eHealth solutions are crucial for improving efficiency in global healthcare and represent an area of priority for SmiLe,”  says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator.


For further information, please contact: Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator, +46 (0)73 4000433, ebba@smileincubator.life

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Currently, about 60% of children and adolescents in the Region Gävleborg target group use HIPR when starting on medication for ADHD. The SALAR pamphlet “Local care for children and adolescents” describes the advantages of the HIPR app. Experience shows that this new approach improves safety and quality of care, while allowing for significantly improved follow-up when initiating medications compared with current methods. Both young people and healthcare providers feel that daily digital follow-up and contact via the app offer a major advantage over the current system of analogue diary review during a limited number of recheck visits. Patients experience fewer side effects, less stress, and feel more involved and secure, while healthcare providers feel that initiation of medications becomes a more efficient process, associated with lower stress and a reduced workload.

Two clinical trials are underway in Region Västra Götaland and Region Gävleborg using Medilevel’s patient communication system to help adjust their antidepressants.

Medilevel has garnered several awards, including the “Golden Pill” from the publication Dagens Medicin, the Vitalis grant and the Svea Prize, which is awarded to the best innovative eHealth idea in Sweden.

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