2018-10-31 12:04Press release

Medow delivers innovative wristbands to first hospital customers

The SmiLe company Medow has developed an attractive wristband that effectively ensures that intravenous tubes remain in place when used for functions such as dialysis or intravenous therapy. The company has now shipped off wristbands to its first customers – wards at Skåne University Hospital, Helsingborg Hospital and Ryhov County Hospital



“We began to develop the wristband about two years ago and during this period we conducted three rounds of testing at various hospitals. In all, 19 different wards participated in our development process and we greatly appreciate their involvement because end-user feedback during the product development phase is incredibly important,” says Frida McCabe, co-founder of Medow.


Tubes are usually held in place on patients with a special tape, which often comes loose after a while, or damages the patient’s skin. The wristband is experienced as significantly better at holding tubes in place and is also easy to manage and pleasant to wear, according to the patients and personnel who participated in tests on the wards. The wristband will be available in several cheerful colors.


Medow has also sold trial samples of the product to several distributors in various parts of Europe that will be used to evaluate the market and enable the distributors to determine whether they will carry the wristband in their line of products. Discussions with several different discussions are underway and a contract will soon be signed with a German distributor. 


“Over the past two years we have worked hard to be able to sell innovative, simple and colorful products that make a difference for both patients and personnel to health services and we are now finally there!” says Linn Wrangmark, co-founder of Medow.



Medow is a member of SmiLe Incubator, a life science incubator in Lund Sweden, that helps entrepreneurs to commercialize their innovations by offering business development support, laboratories and networks. www.smileincubator.life 



For more information, please contact: Frida McCabe, co-founder and product developer, +46 (0)703 327559, frida.mccabe@medow.se; or Linn Wrangmark, co-founder and product developer, +46 (0)707 816012, linn.wrangmark@medow.se


About Medow: Medow AB was founded in 2016 by Frida McCabe and Linn Wrangmark. We believe that the healthcare environment is much too boring and complicated and we will therefore offer simple and colorful solutions to small problems with a major impact. The first product is a wristband that can be used, for example, by dialysis patients. The company is a member of SmiLe Incubator in Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. www.medow.se


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