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Medow signs agreement with Baxter



Startup company Medow has entered into an agreement with global medical device company Baxter, which will thereby include Medow’s IV bracelet in its product catalog for distribution starting in Sweden. Medow is a company in the SmiLe business incubator, which is located in Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden.


Medow has developed an IV bracelet, a wristband that effectively ensures that intravenous tubes remain in place when used for functions such as dialysis or intravenous therapy. Tubes are usually held in place with just tape, which can be an unreliable method and may feel uncomfortable.


The agreement with Baxter gives the right at this time to distribute Medow’s wristband in Sweden. The rights are not exclusive, and Medow has previous agreements with other companies in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.


“We see great potential in this agreement and hope that it can lead to more. We are pleased that this agreement will provide more patients with the opportunity to experience the benefits of using the IV bracelet,” says Frida McCabe, co-founder.


The IV bracelet has been developed to be easy to use, provide secure attachment for up to three tubes and feel comfortable for the patient. Its cheerful color is also meant to brighten the hospital environment.



For more information, please contact: Frida McCabe, co-founder and product developer, +46 (0)703 327559, frida.mccabe@medow.se; or Linn Wrangmark, co-founder and product developer, +46 (0)707 816012, linn.wrangmark@medow.se


About Medow: Medow AB was founded in 2016 by Frida McCabe and Linn Wrangmark. We believe that the healthcare environment is much too boring and complicated, and we will therefore offer simple and colorful solutions to small problems with a major impact. The first product is a wristband that can be used, for example, by dialysis patients. The company is a member of SmiLe Incubator in Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. www.medow.se


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