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New SmiLe company Suturion plans to launch its surgical sewing machine this year

Suture -TOOL and staff after surgery of patient 14Suture -TOOL and staff after surgery of patient 14


In an ongoing clinical study at Helsingborg Hospital, Suturion's innovative surgical sewing machine has been used in 14 operations out of 38 planned, with excellent preliminary results. The clinical results will serve as the basis for a CE marking of the company's medtech instrument before the planned commercialization at the end of the year. The company participates in SmiLe´s incubator program.


The Suture-TOOL instrument from Suturion will likely be the first of its kind on the market, as current practice after major abdominal surgery is to close the abdominal wall by suturing by hand. Worldwide, over 30 million open abdominal surgeries are carried out annually. Swedish trauma surgeon Dr. Gabriel Börner, founder of the company, has developed an instrument to help surgeons close the abdominal wall faster and better.


In addition to infection, common and troublesome complications following abdominal wall surgery include rupture of the incision and development of hernias over time. The Suture-TOOL makes it easier to meet the guidelines of the European Hernia Society (EHS), thereby ensuring quality and reducing the risk of infection. Closure of the abdominal wall will probably also take significantly less time.


Several of the largest global medical device companies have contacted Suturion to show interest in the product well before its introduction to the market. The company is collaborating with the European Hernia Society, an international scientific organization that focuses on abdominal wall surgery and hernia prevention.


“Our earlier studies showed that Suture-TOOL significantly reduces the time it takes to suture the fascia. We believe the current study will show higher quality outcomes, while radically reducing suturing time to less than half of what is currently required. We were attracted to the incubator by the wide-ranging experience of the SmiLe coaches, for example in commercial strategies and raising capital,” says Paan Hermansson, CEO of Suturion.


“Suturion’s innovation has big potential for improving medical care, reducing suffering, and saving resources through fewer medical complications. This is a great example of how SmiLe helps innovative companies with commercialization of solutions that improve the quality of healthcare,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator.



For more information, please contact:


Magdalena Gräff, marketing manager

magdalena.graff@suturion.com, +46 (0)767-878585




SmiLe Incubator

Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO,
ebba@smileincubator.life, +46 (0)73 4000433


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