2023-09-26 10:00Press release

New SmiLe Company with Digital Cloud Service for Automated Advanced Microscopy  

Philip Nordenfelt, vd för CytelyPhilip Nordenfelt, CEO of Cytely


Lund, Sweden – SaaS company Cytely offers a fully automated collection and analysis process of microscopic images for samples such as cancer cells, bacteria, and viruses and their interactions in real time. The service provides higher data quality, is highly time-efficient, and provides more secure results than manual work. Cytely has been accepted into the SmiLe incubator program. 


Cytely automates the collection and analysis of microscopic images through a data-driven workflow. The cloud-based software quickly scans the sample, selects interesting parts in overview images and videos from microscopy, performs detailed analyses, evaluates, and delivers reports. Users can easily create their own customized workflows using drag-and-drop features. Machine learning and AI eliminate handling errors and ensure the quality of results.  


An exceptional feature of Cytelys' service is that it automatically and in real-time controls the microscope and can generate large amounts of the data you are interested in, such as data from multiple infection instances. Previously, it required weeks of manual work to obtain data from a single infection instance. With Cytelys' cloud service, you achieve equivalent or better results than conventional microscopy and manual evaluation, but in a fraction of the time and without the need for a senior microscopist on the team. 


The Cytely team has broad experience in medical research, software development, and the fintech industry. The software was developed at Nordenfelt´s Lab at Lund University, where it has already been used for several years. Two research groups at Lund University are among the company's customers.  


"As far as we know, no other entity has automated the workflow from beginning to end. Our software can also be applied in other applications where one can start with an overview image to achieve time savings and more reliable results. We eagerly anticipate receiving SmiLe's support in our commercialization and future fundraising," says Philip Nordenfelt, CEO, and co-founder of Cytely.   


"Cytely is a very exciting company that can provide more efficient workflows with its advanced and resource-saving technology. Cytely's offering yields much more efficient research and diagnostics and could thereby contribute to faster and safer drug development, as one example," says Ulrika Ringdahl, the COO at SmiLe. 



For more information, please contact: Ulrika Ringdahl, COO at SmiLe, +46 (0)736-566232, ulrika.ringdahl@smileincubator.life

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