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Now, companies can also rent an advanced flow cytometer – in “Open Lab Skåne” at SmiLe Incubator

Companies can rent access to ten well-equipped laboratories at SmiLe Incubator in Medicon Village. The latest addition to SmiLe’s array of instruments is a multichannel flow cytometer, complete with advanced software to process the data.

In many cases it is much too expensive for a small company to invest in an advanced laboratory instrument. The company may also want to test several ideas using different methods, and then also need expert help to make progress when developing a product or service. For example, companies that have drug candidates may carry out a large part of their development in SmiLe’s ten different laboratories, right up until there is a requirement for GMP. Xintela is one of the companies that has used the laboratories at SmiLe.

“The stimulating environment at SmiLe, the access to critical instruments and sterile laboratories for cell culture, have enabled Xintela to develop at a rapid pace. SmiLe’s infrastructure and proximity to unique expertise provide a kick start for companies like Xintela. Now we’ve come so far that we are building our own cell culture laboratory and even a GMP laboratory for production of stem cells,” says Evy Lundgren-Åkerlund, CEO of Xintela.

SmiLe’s laboratories include equipment for cell handling, along with histology equipment, high-speed centrifuges, PCR instruments, various LC-MS instruments and an infrastructure with, for example, gas and safety cabinets, autoclave and dishwashing service, as well as protective clothing. The most recent purchase is a modern flow cytometer that can handle 15 different parameters; for example, it can distinguish 13 different biomarkers in one analysis. Classic applications include identification of different blood cells.

“One of the advantages for companies is that they can minimize their risks by having access to laboratories, equipment and expert help for exactly the time they need it, without having to make major investments on their own. The companies also join a community and increase their network,” says Per Brunmark, who is core facility director at SmiLe with many years of experience in drug development.

The Open Lab Skåne project also includes Malmö University, which provides instruments in materials science and chemistry, as well as Lund University, which has instruments and laboratories in food technology, on a small-scale and pilot scale.


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About Open Lab Skåne:
Open Lab Skåne is a collaborative project between Malmö University, Lund University and SmiLe Incubator. Our mission is to facilitate innovation by opening up our laboratories and enabling access to equipment and expertise. Open Lab Skåne have three sites: food engineering, material science & chemistry and life science. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Region Skåne. In addition, Open Lab Skåne is supported by Medeon, Medicon Village, CLUK, Malmö stad, Lunds kommun and Sten K Johnsons foundation.


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About SmiLe Venture Hub – Pioneering Life Science Innovations

SmiLe is a business incubator within life science based in Medicon Village in Lund. SmiLe helps entrepreneurs and startup companies to develop and commercialize new ideas. Our main task is to help the management teams of these companies to navigate the complexities of business development, financing, recruitment and risk management. There are currently 20+ companies in SmiLe, which together with alumni have attracted more than 175 MEUR in venture capital to date since 2014. Approximately 100 people, representing around 20 nationalities, and almost 50 percent of whom are women, work at SmiLe incubator. The opportunity also includes an acccelerator for early startups, Health2B, and an infrastructure that is unique of its kind in Sweden, with well-equipped laboratories and advanced instrumentation. SmiLe is also a community consisting of experts, business advisors, incubator companies as well as alumni companies, which when combined provide a unique opportunity for Life Science Industry startups to benefit from their extensive collective experience. SmiLe has its major financing from Lunds university, Lund Municipality, Region Skåne och Medicon Village.