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Now life science companies can test state-of-the-art instruments

The PHI instrument installed in an incubator at the SmiLe laboratoryThe PHI instrument installed in an incubator at the SmiLe laboratory

From now on, companies that develop drugs, diagnostics and similar products will have the opportunity to run their own experiments on advanced new instruments installed by instrument suppliers in SmiLe Incubator’s public laboratories in Lund. SmiLe and Medicon Village have jointly worked to be able to offer this opportunity. Now we have the pleasure of presenting our first partner: Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI AB).

Lund-based Phase Holographic Imaging has provided the latest version of its “label-free live cell imager HoloMonitor M4©.” The instrument, which is a digital microscope with advanced software for purposes such as continual imaging, will be available at SmiLe throughout the year.

Researchers can use this instrument to study the behavior of live cells over time in a biologically relevant environment, with a technology that does not require the cells to be labeled. The instrument is placed in an incubator that creates an optimal environment for the cells. The software that accompanies the instrument offers many options for evaluation of the experiments. PHI's own experts offer to hold seminars for interested companies to describe the broad potential of the instrument, and to help companies to get started with experiments, along with SmiLe’s specialists.

The first company to use the instrument is SmiLe alumnus Truly Labs, which is based at Medicon Village and is active as a CRO in early drug development. They conducted studies on how specific cells grow over time in wound healing. The results can be viewed in a video.

SmiLe has ten laboratories that are open to member companies, as well as to other companies through the Open Lab Skåne project. The lab at SmiLe is equipped with instruments suitable for development work in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. The purpose is to provide lab opportunities for early companies without having to make major investments, and to enable many companies to share common resources.

Through this collaborative effort, SmiLe and Medicon Village hope to offer life science companies broader opportunities for access to the latest, most advanced equipment.

“We are extremely pleased about the collaboration with Phase Holographic Imaging. Now, companies that use laboratories will have even broader opportunities to easily conduct highly sophisticated experiments – right here in Lund, with the support of specialists,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator.

“The PHI instrument will be an outstanding complement to the larger Open Lab Skåne initiative run by SmiLe and others, which Medicon Village has supported from the start. We are thrilled to be able to offer state-of-the-art technology both in-house within the science park and for external companies,” says Kerstin Jakobsson, CEO of Medicon Village Innovation.

For more information,
please contact Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator,  +46 734000433, ebba@smileincubator.life, or Kerstin Jakobsson, CEO of Medicon Village Innovation,  +46 705504540, Kerstin.Jakobsson@mediconvillage.se

For those interested in running experiments with the instrument or other instruments at Open Lab Skåne, please contact Per Brunmark, Per@smileincubator.life, or Martina Schneider, martina@smileincubator.life , or visit https://www.smileincubator.life/join/#openlab

For more information about the instrument, please visit www.phiab.com or contact info@phiab.se

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