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OncoSignature’s founders start US company and take in USD 1 million

The founders of the SmiLe Incubator company OncoSignature are starting Acrivon Therapeutics Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The US company has taken in US$ 1 million in seed capital and been accepted at the prestigious Life Sciences incubator Lab Central in Boston, MA. Concurrently, the OncoSignature operations have been moved to the newly formed company Acrivon AB, which will operate as a subsidiary of Acrivon Therapeutics. The companies will have joint operations and will expand to include drug development projects in which their technology platform is used to accelerate therapeutic candidates for early clinical success.

“We are following our plan to establish operations in both Sweden and the US to have access to the best expertise and to be able to build our dream team. In order to fully launch the comprehensive Acrivon activities, we are currently fundraising,” says Kristina Masson, co-founder and CEO of the Swedish company.

Kristina Masson and Peter Blume-Jensen started OncoSignature just over a year ago. The biotech company has its own technology platform to identify drug-specific biomarker signatures which can be used to design better clinical studies and provide more effective drug treatments. OncoSignature’s operations with three employees will continue at SmiLe Incubator, but now within the company Acrivon AB, which is part of the US company Acrivon Therapeutics.

The founders’ US company, Acrivon Therapeutics, was recently admitted to the highly respected Life Sciences incubator Lab Central in Boston, Massachusetts. Here it intends building out the US team and the imaging platform for clinical biomarker signatures. In addition to co-founder and President Peter Blume-Jensen, the US company has initially employed an expert on the Boston platform as Head of biomarker development. Acrivon Therapeutics Inc. is the parent company of Acrivon AB. The two companies will operate under the same business model, name and funding, but will carry out different aspects of the work in the different locations.

“They’ve made tremendous progress in just a short period of time. SmiLe Incubator will also benefit from the new startup company through the unique opportunity to share experiences with one of the strongest incubators in the US. Our incubator companies will also have access to new US contacts,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator.


About Acrivon and Acrivon Therapeutics: Acrivon, along with its US parent company Acrivon Therapeutics, is a biotech company specializing in accelerated, cost-efficient drug development using their unique predictive biomarker approach. Their technology platform is based on integrating drug-regulated proteomics with focused intact tissue imaging to develop drug-tailored biomarker signatures. These are used for prospective patient responder identification, with the goal to precisely match the therapy with patients who will benefit. Their technology is applicable across drug modalities.  More information will be available at www.acrivon.com this summer.

About Lab Central: https://labcentral.org.

For more information, please contact: Kristina Masson, CEO Acrivon AB, telephone: +46 (0)70-4300455, email: kmasson@acrivon.com

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