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Phystec Gains New Hospital Customers and Documents the Effectiveness of Pedatim™ 

Ingela Sjölin, CEOIngela Sjölin, the founder and CEO of Scandinavian Phystec

Lund, Sweden – The SmiLe company Scandinavian Phystec has acquired two new customers: the Surgery Clinic at Skåne University Hospital in Lund and Capio Sankt Göran's Hospital in Stockholm. These clinics have now begun using Phystec's digital tool Pedatim™, which, according to clinical and health economic studies, improves patient rehabilitation outcomes and saves healthcare resources. Nearly 2 million SEK can be saved annually for just one diagnosis, and in just one small part of Sweden, (Region Skåne), according to a study. 

Pedatim is a cross-professional tool presented on a touchscreen, that increases patient engagement and adherence to prescribed rehabilitation. This leads to shorter hospital stays. The training can include post-operative rehabilitation, breathing exercises, meal training, and ostomy training. The tool is currently used by patients in several hospitals in collaboration with staff from physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. It can also be used to enhance rehabilitation in short-term care facilities and home care. 

Clinical studies have shown that the degree of rehabilitation increases by 300 percent and hospital stay duration decreases by 15 percent. Health economic calculations indicate that Region Skåne can save nearly 2 million SEK per year if Pedatim is used for the rehabilitation of patients who have undergone surgery for colon cancer. These calculations were carried out by IHE, the Swedish Institute for Health Economics, which estimates similar savings for rehabilitation after bladder and ovarian cancer surgeries. IHE's report suggests that substantial cost savings could be achieved if hospitals across all regions in Sweden use Pedatim. 

"It is gratifying that there is significant interest in Pedatim, both nationally and internationally. Patients' low physical activity in hospitals is a major problem, and it happens all too often that they do not complete all their prescribed exercises, which delays recovery. For example, in Denmark, a network has been established to try to improve this. The network has invited me to lecture for 200 physiotherapists in November, which I believe will lead to many new relevant contacts for us," says Ingela Sjölin, founder and CEO of Phystec. 

Ingela Sjölin is a physiotherapist who used a prototype of Pedatim on her patients before founding the company and developing the digital product. Phystec participates in SmiLe Venture Hub's incubator program. 

For more information, please contact: Ingela Sjölin, grundare och vd för Scandinavian Phystec AB, +46 703 545093, ingela@phystec.se, https://phystec.se/

More information: 
https://drive.google.com/file/d/12JVtWic6ZPHLJ5bS3kY3UOTX-uEmtaWE/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f359hgQUhwbxnWhSOAueRkW2sqiEETpF/view 

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