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Prevas is new SmiLe Incubator sponsor

Prevas´consultants fom left: Peter Sundsten, Kristina Hallström, Per Brunmark from SmiLe Incubator, Maria Gren, Peter Johansson, Cecilia Larsson.Prevas´consultants fom left: Peter Sundsten, Kristina Hallström, Per Brunmark from SmiLe Incubator, Maria Gren, Peter Johansson, Cecilia Larsson.

The consulting company Prevas will now serve as a gold sponsor for SmiLe Incubator. The company will have office space at SmiLe and will guide incubator companies through the jungle of rules and quality requirements in areas such as pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, e-health and medical technology. Prevas will now be one of the seven sponsoring companies that support SmiLe.


Contracting with sponsors enables SmiLe Incubator to bring qualified experts closer to the incubator’s daily operations. The sponsors become part of the SmiLe community and have the opportunity to work in SmiLe’s facilities. They are selected following a thorough evaluation process during which the type of specialist knowledge, commitment and opportunities for the incubator companies are considered.


Prevas´consultants fom left: Peter Sundsten, Kristina Hallström, Per Brunmark from SmiLe Incubator, Maria Gren, Peter Johansson, Cecilia Larsson.

 “It has been a long-time dream to work with SmiLe Incubator, which runs Sweden’s largest life science incubator. Sharing SmiLe’s experience and knowledge, as well as the energy and drive within the incubator companies, is inspirational. It is an opportunity to be involved and help these companies from the start, to develop products and services that improve human health, promote well-being and save lives," says Maria Gren, who heads up Prevas´ Quality & Regulatory Compliance initiative in southern Sweden, and continues: 


“We want to work closely with the incubator companies from the start in order to best collaborate and provide expert support adapted to specific needs and situations. Regulatory issues can be experienced as challenging. We want to demystify the process by helping companies find the right level early in their development and in relation to their business plan. Otherwise, it can be unnecessarily expensive and in the worst case, work may need to be redone.” 


“We are thrilled that Prevas’ consultants want to come to SmiLe and work with our companies. Prevas’ expertise in life science, especially in regulatory issues, will be an important resource for our startup companies. It is extremely difficult for a small company to choose the right strategy in the field,” says Per Brunmark, business developer at SmiLe Incubator.   


SmiLe Incubator’s other sponsors are Sparbanken Skåne, Awa, Høiberg, Setterwalls, Zacco and Aqilion.

About Prevas: Prevas was founded in 1985 and is a partner to companies in selected industries. Our passion is to solve technological challenges and together with our customers, we leverage advances in technology and digitization. Quality and regulatory compliance, internet of things, mechanics, UX/UI, industrial IT & automation are among the areas in which Prevas is active. Examples of innovation are mobile eHealth tools for aftercare, the world’s safest bicycle helmet, cloud-based maintenance and use of collaborative robots in series production. Offices are located in Sweden, Denmark and Norway with about 600 employees. Prevas has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 1998.

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