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Skåne Science Parks and Incubators Collaborate to Boost Swedish Innovation

In comparison to most countries, Sweden invests significantly in research and ranks among the world's leaders in patent registration. However, there are challenges in translating research into products that benefit society and in fostering companies that contribute to overcoming the stagnating Swedish growth by creating more jobs. Sweden needs more innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, both startups and scaleups, with exponential growth potential. These companies are crucial for Sweden's future economy, and we need to ensure they have the prerequisites to develop.

The autumn budget announcement by the government revealed a substantial reduction in Vinnova's funding for VTFT support (verification of research and new technology) and decreased funding for the national incubator program. To avoid falling behind the rest of the world, Sweden must continue to fund research while also working to ensure that high-tech research translates into market value. Sweden's support system for new businesses includes established science parks and incubators, which today form the foundation of the Swedish innovation system, generating new companies with growth potential.

SISP, the industry organization for Sweden's incubators and science parks, has conducted a survey to highlight what the cuts to the support system could mean for Sweden’s future. Skåne's science parks and incubators, represented by SmiLe, Minc, Medeon, Krinova, HETCH, Medicon Village Innovation, and Ideon Science Park, are now joining forces at the regional level to advance this work. The organizations invited members of parliament as well as local and regional politicians with a focus on business to a meeting, to discuss the challenges arising from reduced support and find common ways to address the issue.

"Innovation support systems play a crucial role in Sweden's growth. Currently, research is not commercialized to a sufficient extent to benefit citizens, in our case, the patients," says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of the life science incubator SmiLe.

The meeting, which took place at Ideon Science Park, laid the foundation for mutual understanding and continued dialogue with a focus on finding concrete solutions:

"We need to meet to discuss the measures we must take and what we need to achieve to maintain our innovation height," says Lotta Wessfeldt, Deputy CEO of Ideon Science Park and one of the initiators. The goal is to assist in transforming innovations into strong growth companies. As promoters of innovation and so-called "enablers," we want to demonstrate that Sweden's established and robust innovation infrastructure supports our politicians in securing Sweden's development and growth by supporting companies.

With this initiative, science parks and incubators aim to work towards securing the continued growth of new companies to ensure Sweden's prosperity.

"We would like to see what we observe in Silicon Valley, an infrastructure built on public investments around the companies that have grown there," says Anders G. Nilsson, CEO of Ideon Science Park. “Public contribution is essential. While Sweden has a partially publicly funded innovation system, there is still too much reliance on private capital.”


For more information:

Anders G. Nilsson, CEO, Ideon Science Park Incubator, tel: +46 70 140 53 08, e-mail: anders.nilsson@ideonsciencepark.se

Lotta Wessfeldt, Deputy CEO, Ideon Science Park, tel: +46 708 264 428, e-mail: lotta.wessfeldt@ideonsciencepark.se 

Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO, SmiLe Incubator, tel: +46 73 4000433, e-mail: ebba@smileincubator.life

Petter Hartman, CEO, Medicon Village Innovation, tel: +46 739 09 63 76, e-mail: petter.hartman@mediconvillage.se

Christian Nyhlén, CEO, Krinova, tel: +46 733 66 75 76, e-mail: christian@krinova.se

Daniel Persson, CEO, Minc, tel: +46 735 172 601, e-mail: daniel@minc.se 

David Nilsson-Sträng, CEO, Hetch, e-mail: david@hetch.se  

Ulf G Andersson, CEO, Medeon Science Park & Incubator, tel: +46 721 82 75 83, e-mail: ulf.g.andersson@medeon.se


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