2020-03-31 13:26Press release

SmiLe holds introductory business development course



Today SmiLe Incubator is starting its “SmiLe Business Catapult,” a new introductory program for SmiLe incubator companies. The catapult will provide newly accepted companies with a kick-start prior to the incubator program and will be held twice a year. SmiLe is offering the program digitally in response to the coronavirus crisis.


SmiLe Business Catapult is a two-day program that includes a broad introduction to the opportunities and challenges of the industry, presented by SmiLe’s business coaches and sponsors within their individual areas of expertise.




As part of the program the companies will be introduced to everyone on the SmiLe team, as well as representatives of SmiLe’s sponsors, who will describe their specialties and how they can help support the companies. The SmiLe team possesses a total of 250 years of professional experience from the life science industry in small and large enterprises.


In addition, in order to provide the new companies with a platform on which they can stand, a broad overview is presented in topics such as megatrends in life science, funding, regulatory strategy, IP strategy and marketing strategy.


“We have quite simply designed a ‘crash course’ in business development for new life science startup companies. We provide expert information to our new companies on the most relevant topics at an early stage in their development so that they can get off to a quick start. SmiLe has worked on digitalizing parts of its services since 2018, funded in part by Vinnova. “Thanks to these efforts, we’re ready to run the new program digitally now that such measures are necessary,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator.


The Catapult will be held twice a year so that companies admitted in late spring and summer can participate in the autumn program.


SmiLe companies participating this session:


  • Aptevok – is developing a digital platform in which a mobile app is connected to an easily understood multilingual audiovisual medicine database, in order to describe medicines more easily
  • Industry Frontiers – is developing a digital service to enable patients to find the right care provider
  • Preactly – is developing a digital health management tool for employers and employees to prevent ill health
  • Friska – is developing an app with customized coaching for behavioral modification in individuals with metabolic diseases such as diabetes type 2
  • Leuko3ena – is developing an e-health platform so that more patients can have access to allergists

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SmiLe enables a future of better healthcare by building a community of world-class life science innovators. Located in Medicon Village, a life science cluster in Lund, Sweden, SmiLe facilitates startups looking to develop next-generation healthcare and life sciences technologies. By bringing together life-science entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, the university and the municipality, we create an attractive, forward-thinking atmosphere that enables creativity and smart science to thrive. Being a not-for-profit organization gives companies the security of knowing that we work only in the interests of the entrepreneurs we sponsor.