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SmiLe incubator company Speximo acquired by IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

IFF, a leading American innovator in flavors, fragrances and nutrition, and its business unit IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics (IFF-LMC), have completed the acquisition of Speximo AB. Speximo focuses on developing next-generation stabilization and encapsulation technology for use in development of environmentally sustainable beauty and cosmetics products. The business is based on the company's patented technology derived from research at Lund University. The company was founded in 2012, as a portfolio company to LU Holding, and its technology has potential in several commercial applications, such as pharmaceuticals.


With its new owners, Speximo will gain a stable platform for continued development and commercialization of its innovation in several areas of application. The company has developed a product that has garnered considerable attention from manufacturers as an environmentally sustainable alternative to today's stabilizers in creams, powders and sprays in the beauty and cosmetics segment.


The technology is unique because it also protects active ingredients and improves texture. The company’s special product is developed from quinoa and is both natural and sustainable. With sustainability a priority in many markets globally, Speximo’s unique technology strives to comply with the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), taking into account the ethical aspects of raw materials, production and consumption. 


“We at SmiLe are extremely proud of this wonderful hard work that the management at Speximo has carried out while at the incubator.  Developing the business from a prize-winning spin-out from Lund University to a recognized player in the international market is a demanding journey. In recent times Speximo has prioritized product development and upscaling. It is therefore not surprising that the company was acquired by one of the market’s leading players,” says Thomas Unt, business developer at SmiLe with a focus on funding.


Speximo will continue to have its business operations in Lund.




For more information, please contact: Malin Sjöö, CEO, Speximo telephone +46(0)721 66 91 41, ms@speximo.com



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