2023-03-27 11:30Press release

SmiLe Incubator first in the Nordics to receive digital kiosk from Merck

The first Merck M Lab™ Digital Kiosk in the Nordics has been installed at SmiLe Incubator in Lund. The kiosk is an exciting new concept designed to help early-stage life science companies find solutions for their biomanufacturing processes. Through the kiosk, SmiLe startups have a unique opportunity to engage virtually with Merck’s experienced team of engineers and scientists to explore technical solutions, test applications, assess technologies and optimize processes.

The Nordics’ first digital kiosk powered by the Merck M Lab™ Collaboration Center is designed to:

  • enable incubators to engage virtually or in-person with scientists and engineers who understand biological processes
  • optimize and scale up processes for small or large therapeutic molecules and
  • learn best practices for moving from good laboratory practices to good manufacturing practices.

The kiosk will be available to all of SmiLes’ incubator and alumni member companies.

“We have been teaming up with Merck for our Biotech Bootcamp and I am very pleased to take our collaboration to the next level with this kiosk. Taking a biological drug from lab to manufacturing requires very specific expertise. I am delighted that we can now offer our companies this exciting and innovative opportunity that will help them develop and commercialize new therapies”, says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator.

“Merck is thrilled to continue our growing collaboration with SmiLe Incubator with the M Lab™ Digital Kiosk to support their members. The creation and installation of the M Lab™ Digital Kiosk is another example of Merck’s innovative thinking to support those leading the charge in creating groundbreaking technologies and breakthrough advancements in life science. The M Lab™ Digital Kiosk allows innovators to discover Merck’s capabilities in a convenient on-demand access point to provide support when they need it most and in the comforts of the SmiLe Incubator halls. We hope to install kiosks in every innovation hotspot worldwide,” says Melissa Nackovski, Collaboration Consultant for Emerging Biotech at Merck.


For further information, please contact:

Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator, email: ebba@smileincubator.life, phone +46 73 4000433

Melissa Nackovski, Collaboration Consultant for Emerging Biotech EMEA at Merck, email: melissa.nackovski@merckgroup.com, phone +46 72 3626331


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About SmiLe Venture Hub – Pioneering Life Science Innovations

About SmiLe Incubator SmiLe Incubator is a life science business incubator based in Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. SmiLe offers business coaching, a broad international industry and investor network and a unique laboratory infrastructure with state-of-the art instrumentation. Since the start, SmiLe has helped 100+ entrepreneurs commercialize their business ideas. Currently there are some 30 companies in SmiLe incubator which, together with alumni companies, have attracted more than EUR 717 million in venture capital since 2014. To date, 21 of SmiLe´s companies have launched an IPO and these listed companies have a market capitalization of more than EUR 500 million (Q4 2022). SmiLe is a non-profit organization and receives basic funding from Region Skåne, Lund Municipality, Lund University and Medicon Village. SmiLe´s sponsors are Agilent, Sparbanken Skåne, Awa, Høiberg, Magle Chemoswed, Merck, Prevas, Setterwalls, Zacco, Phase Holographic Imaging and ChemoMetec. www.smileincubator.life