2021-12-16 14:16Press release

SmiLe receives grant from Mats Paulsson’s Foundations for new virus laboratory

Fotograf: Jenny LeymanFotograf: Jenny Leyman

SmiLe's owner foundation STIL (Stiftelsen Inkubatorer i Lund) has received a grant of SEK 1.6 million from Mats Paulsson's Foundation for Research, Innovation and Community Building. The money will be used to add new protein analysis equipment and a microbiological laboratory for virus studies to SmiLe's laboratories.

SmiLe has a close cooperation with Medicon Village, where its’ operations are located, and has a unique laboratory infrastructure that today includes ten specially equipped laboratories. The grant that has now been allocated will be used to supplement the equipment so that SmiLe can meet new research needs in the areas of, for example, biological drugs and new treatments of viruses and multi-resistant bacteria. The new virus lab and equipment, as well as all other laboratories at SmiLe, will also be available to non-SmiLe members via Open Lab Skåne.

”SmiLe's laboratory offering to early life science companies is unique. The corona pandemic has put focus on virus research and for us it means new requirements for laboratory equipment. With this grant, we can continue to develop and update our instruments in order to meet the demand and be ready to receive this type of research that will only increase in the future,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator

More specifically, the grant will be used for a western blot analysis system for proteins, equipment for a microbiological laboratory and a high-speed centrifuge for virus separation.

”Smile is such an important part of the life science center that we have built at Medicon Village for the last ten years. The continued successful development of Smile and its many companies requires access to qualified and modern instruments. That’s’ why it is important for the foundation to help Smile in different ways so they can have such instruments and we are now allocating additional funds to complement existing equipment,” says Göran Grosskopf, Chairman of the Mats Paulsson Foundation for Research, Innovation and Community Building

”We are of course extremely grateful to have received a substantial grant from Mats Paulsson's foundation for research, innovation and community building. The money will be used in full to build new capacity for virus research. I hope that this is the beginning of a positive trend of external financing for SmiLe's important incubator operations,” says Fredrik Ljunghill, Chairman of STIL.


For more information, contact:                  
Lina Boreson, COO SmiLe Incubator, +46 (0)703-781279
Press contact Mats Paulsson Foundations, +46 (0)705-84 61 25
Fredrik Ljunghill, Chairman of STIL, +46 (0)709-43 28 00


About the Mats Paulsson Foundations
The Mats Paulsson Foundations is the collective name for three different foundations; Mats Paulsson's foundation, Mats Paulsson's foundation for research, innovation and community building and the Stefan Paulsson Foundation's cancer fund. The foundations are founded by Mats Paulsson and have since the beginning distributed more than SEK 164,000,000 to non-profit purposes for the promotion of human health and better lives.

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