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SmiLe’s new incubator company Preactly launches its first digital service

Last week Karlstad-based healthtech company Preactly launched a beta version of its digital health management tool. It will help organizations and employees to gain insight into what affects health and enable early intervention to prevent health issues at work. The company also recently received funding from Vinnova’s Innovative Startups Step One program.


Preactly, which is based in the province of Värmland, does not have a local incubator with a specific focus and expertise in health, which is why co-founder and CEO Jeanette Köster and her team chose to apply to SmiLe. At SmiLe, Preactly can benefit from the strong focus on life science and become involved with its contact network of experts and others active in the industry. Preactly is now working with the incubator as a virtual company and plans to be present at SmiLe once a month in conjunction with important activities in the incubator program or the community.



“We searched for the best incubators in health and were extremely pleased when Preactly was accepted at SmiLe. This means valuable access to SmiLe’s entire offering and network. SmiLe’s mission ‘bringing health to the world through team spirit, passion and purpose’ is totally in line with what Preactly wants to achieve. It’s extremely important to receive the right support and assistance with strategy early in the business development process, to take the right approach from the beginning in order to be able to scale up quickly,” says Jeanette Köster.


Preactly started its business last spring with its own software developers, who have now developed the company’s first service – relating to the work environment – a digital health management tool. By using this tool, the employees of Preactly’s customers can receive immediate individual feedback from the survey and rank how different factors are important to improve based on how they themselves experience their work environment.


“We want to completely change the view of how employee surveys should be conducted, they can create so much more value. Our tool provides employees with immediate feedback to consider, after which they have to make active choices: are they satisfied, or do they want to change something. They also receive guidance on how to influence the situation. The manager also receives a summary and can implement those measures that are most significant for employees to be able to maintain or achieve good health,” says Jeanette Köster, CEO of Preactly.


A second service that addresses lifestyle choices, such as physical activity, will be released later and the company is also planning a third service. 

“We are very pleased to welcome Preactly as a member of SmiLe Incubator. They work to promote good health and prevent illness, which is extremely exciting – best of all would be if we didn’t get sick in the first place. The company is a perfect fit with our other incubator companies, which range from e-health to diagnostics and medical technology, across prebiotics and probiotics, to drug development. Preactly has a strong team and we look forward to supporting their development,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator.



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