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Sparbanken Skåne supports SmiLe Incubator

Rasmus Roos, bank manager, Sparbanken Skåne, and Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO, SmiLe IncubatorRasmus Roos, bank manager, Sparbanken Skåne, and Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO, SmiLe Incubator

SmiLe business incubator has received SEK one million from Sparbanken Skåne through the bank’s two owner foundations, the Sparbank foundations Färs & Frosta and Finn. The grant will be used to strengthen one of SmiLe’s cornerstones – offering startup companies access to advanced laboratories – and thus also growth in Skåne’s business community. 


Rasmus Roos, bank manager, Sparbanken Skåne, and Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO, SmiLe Incubator


SmiLe Incubator is one of the few business incubators in Sweden that specializes in life science – pharmaceuticals, medical technology, diagnostics, etc. Unique for SmiLe is that the incubator also offers these early companies access to well-equipped laboratories. 

Sparbanken Skåne’s owner foundations contribute to development in the region by supporting projects that promote business, infrastructure, research, education, sports, culture, and children and young people. These efforts are all made possible because foundations can use profits from the banking business for community development initiatives.


“We are extremely grateful and pleased to receive this support from Sparbanken Skåne. It is a great challenge to maintain high relevance and quality for our infrastructure with instruments, and grants on this level create opportunities to continue to offer the best to our members,” says Ebba Fåhraeus.


“The grant will be used to purchase equipment for the laboratories where SmiLe member companies develop their products. Access to well-equipped laboratories is crucial to the ability of companies to develop drugs and diagnostic methods for serious, common diseases,” says Per Brunmark, who is responsible for the laboratories at SmiLe.


“Skåne needs new companies in order to grow. Especially in life science, the entry barriers can be high with respect to all the equipment needed for research and analysis. Here a high-quality business incubator can make a big difference. We are pleased to be able to support SmiLe together with our owner foundations. We see it as an investment in the future,” says Rasmus Roos, bank manager at Sparbanken Skåne.

About Sparbanken Skåne: Sparbanken Skåne is a regional savings bank for people, businesses and the local community. The bank offers a high level of availability, smart services and basic savings bank valuations, where decisions are made locally for our customers. The principal owners are three savings bank foundations based in Skåne, in southern Sweden. In collaboration with the foundations, parts of the surplus from the banking business can be invested in community development initiatives. 


For information about SmiLe Incubator, contact: Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO at SmiLe Incubator
+46 (0)734000433, 
ebba@smileincubator.life ; Or visit our mediaroom

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About SmiLe

SmiLe is a life science business incubator based in Medicon Village in Lund. SmiLe Incubator helps entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas. There are currently more than 20 companies in SmiLe, which together with alumni companies, have attracted almost EUR 290 million in venture capital to date since 2014. SmiLe offers business coaching, a large network of contacts and a dynamic community, as well as many well-equipped laboratories, which is unique of its kind in Sweden. SmiLe is a non-profit organization and receives basic funding from Region Skåne, Lund Municipality, Lund University and Medicon Village. SmiLe´s sponsors are Sparbanken Skåne, Awa, Høiberg, Prevas, Setterwalls, Zacco, Aqilion. SmiLe’s listed alumni companies have a market capitalization of almost EUR 690 million (Q2 2019). www.smileincubator.life