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Startups meet industry and venture capitalists at Lund Life Science Summit

The Lund Life Science Summit conference will be held on April 18 in Lund. An exclusive group from the pharmaceutical industry and venture capital companies will have the opportunity to meet selected startup companies with substantial market potential. Conference participants will include Pfizer, LEO Pharma and Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), as well as venture capital companies HealthCap and Hadean Ventures, and business angel John Moll. The arrangers are SmiLe Incubator and LU Innovation.

The conference offers a unique opportunity for representatives from the pharmaceutical industry and venture capital worlds to meet eight of the most promising life science startup companies in the region, and the companies will get to meet the pros during panel discussions, pitches and partnering meetings.

“SmiLe Incubator and LU Innovation, with LU Holding which is Lund University’s holding company, will provide participants from industry and capital with access to the region’s life science environment of researchers and entrepreneurs. During the conference they will have the opportunity to interact with the startup companies, after which they can continue monitoring their development until it is time to invest or collaborate. The entrepreneurs will have the tremendous advantage of obtaining advice at an early stage regarding what the major players require in order to be interested in collaboration later on. We’ve chosen to keep the meeting relatively small to encourage greater interaction with greater returns,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator.

The startup companies are either members of SmiLe Incubator, or they have received business development support from LU Innovation and are included in LU Holding’s portfolio of companies. Many of them have based their business operations on research conducted at Lund University.

“Meeting with industry and investors early on is extremely important for startups to receive valuable feedback that they are doing the right things, and it also takes time to build relationships,” says Christine Widstrand, Executive Vice President and portfolio manager for Life Science at LU Holding.

The moderator for the panel discussion is Sylvie Bove, a professional board director and former CEO of EIT Health, a European consortium that promotes healthy living and active aging. Her prior experience includes global strategic positions at Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Coloplast.

The conference is by invitation only to people from life science companies, the pharma industry, and investors.


The following startup companies will be presented during the conference:

  • Edvince AB – The company is developing a completely new type of drug for stroke-patients
  • Eirbo AB – The company is working on a drug that will be able to alleviate or reset the mechanism that is the cause of disease in diabetics.
  • Gedea Biotech AB – The company is developing a unique treatment for vaginal infections
  • ImmuneBiotech AB – The company is developing products for treatment of conditions such as the gastrointestinal disease IBS, based on research about specific lactic acid bacteria
  • In2Cure AB – The company is developing products for prevention and treatment of surgery-related wounds and complications
  • Longboat Explorers AB – The company has a unique method of safely harvesting large quantities of stem cells
  • SAGA Diagnostics AB – The company has methods for analyzing tumor DNA in blood samples (instead of in tissue samples), which in turn can be used to manage personalized cancer treatment
  • Sinntaxis AB – The company is developing a treatment for stroke patients that can provide better results during the rehabilitation phase than is presently the case


About LU Innovation and LU Holding AB, Sweden: LU Innovation is Lund University’s combined unit for innovation, which works with researchers and students to bring benefit and growth to society. LU Innovation has two sections: one that is part of the public authority and the other is a holding company, LU Holding AB. The holding company can support and finance startup companies, but also own, manage and sell shares in companies that have their origin in research at Lund University. www.innovation.lu.se  

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