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Successful issuance for Gedea Biotech

Gedea Biotech has raised SEK 11 million to clinically verify its treatment method for vaginal infections. Interest in the rights issue was strong, for which reason it was expanded from the planned SEK 7 million to SEK 11 million.

In 2018 Gedea Biotech will conduct a clinical trial of its method to treat and prevent vaginal fungal infections.

Many women suffer from recurrent vaginal infections without being cured. Gedea Biotech’s active substance has a new mode of action in that the fungus that is the most common underlying cause of vaginal infections loses its infectivity, while other fungi and bacteria are inhibited by the pH-lowering properties of the substance. The substance, which is naturally occurring and is also approved as a food additive, provides great hope for an effective and safe treatment option that does not promote antibiotic resistance.

“We are pleased that we have now become associated with knowledgeable and engaged investors. They have considerable expertise in building companies, sales and marketing of this type of product,” says Annette Säfholm, CEO of Gedea Biotech.

The investors participating in the issue include the investment company Porte-Monnaie, which primarily invests in unlisted companies. The company was founded in 2013 by Joakim Falk, Pouyan Kasraian and Staffan Gestrelius.

“Fungal infections and bacterial vaginosis are widespread problems among women. Since Gedea’s product appears to solve both of these problems using a safe and effective treatment method with a substance naturally occurring in the body, we feel this is an extremely interesting company. In addition, research that could completely replace antibiotic treatment is valuable for society at large,” says Joakim Falk at Porte-Monnaie.

Almi Invest has also chosen to invest in Gedea.

“Gedea has an interesting solution with great medical value that has the potential to quickly and cost-effectively reach proof-of-concept and the market,” says Per Antonsson, Investment Manager at Almi Invest.

Other investors include Kerstin Valinder Strinnholm, Tommy Hedberg and Gunnar Gårdemyr, who all have extensive experience from the pharmaceutical industry, as well as Pål Svensson, founder of Novakliniken, and a consortium of business angels from the south Sweden branch of Connect Sverige.


Gedea is a company in SmiLe incubator, an incubator that helps life science entrepreneurs with business coachning and laboratory facilities. www.smileincubator.life


For more information about Gedea Biotech, please contact:

Annette Säfholm, CEO
Phone: +46 (0) 708- 91 86 81

Gedea Biotech is developing a safe antibiotic-free treatment of vaginal fungal infections. Gedea Biotech’s substance, GA101, is a natural product that has always been part of our surroundings. It works through a new mode of action that does not kill the fungus, but instead prevents the development of biofilm and thus prevents the fungus from becoming established in and infecting the vagina. GA101 is now being formulated into a local treatment of vaginal fungal infections.


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