2020-04-07 13:15Press release

Talk therapist launches online mental health course

Sofia Allberg has started the company Moodhero to offer research-based online courses in mental health. All courses will include both lectures and exercises for participants to complete on their own. The first course that Moodhero is now launching is a stress management course.


Many people are experiencing increased mental stress and anxiety as a result of the coronavirus crisis. With growing pressure on the healthcare system, more people are using digital health services instead of seeking care in person.


Sofia Allberg has worked with talk therapy for more than ten years and runs the talk therapy clinic Samtala in Kalmar. Sofia has a degree in social work and has also completed a basic psychotherapy program with a focus on CBT. Even before the crisis she had noted a great need to supplement in-person counselling sessions with digital education, so that more people could have access to tools to manage their mental health. She believes that this need will be even greater now.


“I’ve had this idea of offering CBT-oriented tools digitally for a long time, as I’ve noticed that more and more people are asking for online options to work with their mental health. I believe we’ll see a trend now where more and more people are open to increasing their awareness and motivation to feel better and to address their mental challenges – regardless of whether they need to break a destructive habit, or to improve how they manage their stress and anxiety,” says Sofia Allberg, founder of Moodhero.


Moodhero offers research-based online courses for mental health, with a holistic perspective regarding aspects such as mental tools, diet, exercise and recovery. Participants may begin at any time and complete the course at their own pace. In addition to lectures, all courses include assignments and exercises for participants to carry out on their own. The courses always have a scientific foundation and are presented using simple language that most people will understand. No prior knowledge is needed regarding CBT, therapy, diet, or exercise. The courses are priced starting at SEK 599, depending on their scope. The first courses to be launched are a stress management course and a free motivation course.


“So many people are having a tough time managing their stress, so it’s great that there are actually effective tools to improve stress management. To a large extent, people have to become more aware of their own feelings, thoughts and behaviors and change them. That’s why it can make a big difference to a person’s mental health to gain access to knowledge and exercises that help to create awareness and an action plan,” says Sofia Allberg.


“Sofia Allberg has designed an excellent product and developed her company quickly and successfully. It will be exciting to follow her continued progress,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator.


Moodhero participated in SmiLe’s accelerator program Health2B and was subsequently a member of SmiLe Incubator. Now the company is a SmiLe alumnus company.


For more information, please contact: Sofia Allberg, talk therapist and founder of Moodhero, phone: +46 (0)705-957585, email: sofia@moodhero.se


More about Moodhero: Moodhero was founded in 2020 and is based in Kalmar. The first online course to be launched focuses on stress management. More courses will be regularly released. Moodhero’s courses are available in Swedish and will eventually also be offered in English. Read more about Moodhero and the courses offered at www.Moodhero.se

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