2017-01-27 15:23Press release

Ten companies with over 75 employees ready to leave SmiLe’s incubator

On Thursday, January 26, ten of the total of 26 incubator companies were ready to exit from SmiLe, having completed the various phases of the incubator program. Together the ten exit companies employ over 75 people.

“The incubator companies have completed an incredible journey and I wish them luck and look forward to following their continued progress. Although these companies are now leaving the incubator program, they will continue to be part of SmiLe’s community, which is an important source of networking and sharing experiences. Of course they will now become role models here and, if interested, mentors for our incubator companies in earlier stages,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO for SmiLe Incubator.

Medetect, Redoxis, Nattaro Labs, SARomics, Truly Translational, Adroit Science, Imagene-IT, Cantargia, Xintela and Red Glead Discovery are the ten incubator companies that are now exiting from SmiLe in Lund. The incubator program has provided the companies with access to the makers space learning environment with well-equipped laboratory facilities, business coaching and other business development activities. One of these many companies, NattaRo Lab, underscores the importance of the incubator environment for the company’s development:

“Collaboration with other companies in the network at SmiLe and Medicon Village has been enormously helpful for our work – in part through concrete projects and alliances, but also through continually sharing experiences and knowledge with specialists in a variety of fields. But possibly the most valuable benefit was the opportunity to regularly and freely gain access to the thoughts and ideas of people involved in a creative environment - both through formal collaborations as well as in the break room,” says Carl-Johan Gustafson, CEO of Nattaro Labs, which is one of the exit companies.

The ten exit companies

Red Glead Discovery – is a drug discovery CRO offering chemistry and biology-related R&D services to pharma, biotech and academic clients. www.redglead.com

Cantargia – specializes in antibody-based cancer treatment. CAN04, the company’s patented antibody treatment, has a dual mechanism of action. CAN04 fights cancer by activating the immune system and blocking signals that lead to tumor growth. Treatment with CAN04 has potential to become an important part of modern immuno-oncology strategies.www.cantargia.com

Adroit Science – provides material characterization and solid state chemistry data and knowledge to the pharmaceutical industry, with product development tools. www.adroitscience.com

SARomics Biostructures – is currently involved in several international research initiatives aimed at discovering leads for new medicines. The company has simultaneously built a global reputation for its structural biology platform and its structure-based drug design skills; it is currently assisting clients in Asia, Europe and North America in their pursuit of drug discovery objectives. www.saromics.com

Redoxis – is a preclinical CRO providing in vivo and in vitro studies with a focus on inflammation and autoimmunity. www.redoxis.se

Imagene-IT – solutions for biomedical imaging in Life Science www.imagene-it.se

Nattaro Labs – provides cutting-edge strategies for successful control of bed bug infestations. www.nattarolabs.se

Truly Translational – provides strategic support to small and medium-sized drug development companies in the area of translational medicine. Translational medicine is a crucial part of modern drug development, bridging the pre-clinical and clinical development programs. www.trulytranslational.com

Medetect – is a CRO company specialized in advanced histological tissue exploration. Apart from providing CRO activities, Medetect develops its own technical solutions for improving cell analysis in diseased tissues.

Xintela – develops medical products for regenerative medicine and cancer, based on proprietary marker technology. www.xintela.se


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