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Transient Pharma AB attracts SEK 16 million in investments through an oversubscribed new share issue.

Helene Hartman, CEO, Transient PharmaHelene Hartman, CEO, Transient Pharma

Lund, Sweden, 27 June 2024 - Transient Pharma AB has secured 16 million SEK in funding from SmiLe Inject Capital AB and private investors to advance the pre-clinical development of their novel drug concept.

Transient Pharma AB is focused on combating systemic inflammatory conditions through the development of novel drugs inspired by nature’s sophisticated defense mechanisms. The company’s solid scientific foundation is built on 20 years of research led by MD, PhD, Professor Artur Schmidtchen, who co-founded Transient Pharma AB along with Helene Hartman.

The drug candidate TIM-03 is an optimized peptide derived from thrombin with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The mode of action and it’s targets including blocking of the receptor CD14, are well defined and recently published in Nature Communications.  The initial, promising in vivo results indicate its potential for clinical use and Transient Pharma AB is now ready to accelerate the pre-clinical development of a novel drug concept.

“We are grateful for the great interest, and appreciate the trust from our investors”, says Helene Hartman, CEO of Transient Pharma.

Helene Hartman and Artur Schmidtchen are also the founders of Xinnate AB, which develops pharmaceuticals using the peptide TCP-25 for the topical treatment of inflammatory skin diseases. Xinnate AB is currently preparing a phase 2 study of TCP-25 gel for the rare disease Epidermolysis Bullosa.

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About Transient Pharma

Transient Pharma develops innovative systemic anti-inflammatory treatments, focusing initially on gastrointestinal inflammatory disorders and curbing the excessive inflammation during acute infections.Transient Pharma´s groundbreaking research, originating from Professor Artur Schmidtchen’s lab at Lund University, has led to the development of TIM-03, a proprietary peptide with promising therapeutic potential. The peptide has demonstrated multifunctional properties consisting of strong anti-inflammatory effects and antimicrobial effects both in vitro and in vivo.

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